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Welcome to Vector

Vector is a leading english medium coaching center in Dhaka. All of our teachers are from english medium background and highly experienced.

About Vector

We provide the best way and effective methods that contain the art how to control stress, manage pressure and time. We provide competitive environment to students so that they can be well prepared for their exams. Our courses are modified as per student’s requirement.
Our purpose is to attract and nurture talent, give them best opportunities for career advancement.

* Highly Experienced and dedicated teachers.

* All teachers are from english medium background.

* Weekly,Fortnightly and Monthly test schedules.

* Special doubt class for concept clarification.

* Effective communication skill

* Small batch size to be maintained.

Teachers are mainly from Aga Khan School, International School Dhaka (Isd), Scholastica, Mastermind, Oxford International School, Australian International School, Greenherald International, Sunnydale, Maple Leaf International School ,Academia, Baf Shaheen English Medium School, Dhanmondi Tutorial,

East-West Int School, European Standard School, Green Gems International School, International Turkish Hope School, Manarat Dhaka International College, Seabreeze International School, South Breeze School, Sunbeams, Willes Little Flower School & College etc.